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World War II was the most widespread war in history, involving more than 1.9 billion soldiers.

a new comic book has us preparing for a potential Assassin’s Creed announcement at E3 2018

the story begins when Templar puppet Adolf Hitler starts the invasion of Europe in 1 September 1939

Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Adolf Hitler were the world leaders confirmed as Templar puppets. Hitler and Roosevelt were the only leaders confirmed to hold Pieces of Eden

the Assassins killed the original Hitler as he departed from his bunker. It is unclear what happened to Hitler’s Apple after his death.

Roosevelt died of a stroke shortly before the war’s end

the main assassin in this story is Eddie Gorm how has uncovered Templar plans to create a new weapon.

the comic book has been written by Guillame Dorison, with art from Jean-Baptise Hostache. Both creators are French

Wouldn’t that be cool? Like nothing better than killing some Nazi Templars as like a Jewish, American or Russian assassin

will Ubisoft take assassins creed game to a whole another level?








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