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Control: release date, trailer and more

POSTED BY admin August 13, 2018

Control release date

 Remedy said Control was progressing towards a 2019 release date.

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the organization is based in a brutalist structure in New York simply called The Oldest House. It’s a strange place that defies comprehension. Vastly larger on the inside than the out, it’s walled shift and shudders with fluid-like blocks of geometry. The House will unmake itself around you as you travel through it, reorganizing its floors and walls to create staircases, bridges, and chasms within itself. But you can also control the way it changes by chanting incantations known to the bureau through the organization’s secretive research.

A mysterious, apparently evil force called the Hiss invades the structure and its inhabitants, turning former agents into disturbing enemies. It also kills the director.

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Control trailer



ability to Faden has access to supernatural powers like she can move objects around. She pulls heavy crates towards herself through thin air and then uses them to club enemies to death. Her control of gravity looks like it may extend to also being able to raise up all the enemies in the room, leaving them hanging in the air like puppets.

She can also break down the environment around her, pulling rubble from pillars and using it as a shield against gun-wielding enemies.

she also develops the ability to levitate, allowing her to cross large gaps, and fight from the air.

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When Faden becomes the director she is given a weapon called the Service Weapon, which is a little on the nose. This strange gun is on show in the reveal trailer. It has the form of a revolver but it is constructed of small gunmetal grey cubes that shift and arrange themselves into different shapes, becoming whatever weapon you and Faden will them to be. This tool can be upgraded through the course of the game.


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