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days gone release date

the game will launch exclusively for PS4 on February 22, 2019.

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Days Gone Story

Deacon St. John is a man who prefers to live in the dangerous outside world than the confines of civilian encampments,
even if it means dealing with hordes of relentless infected

we don’t know a lot about the game story yet

days gone gameplay

During an event last week in Santa Monica, SIE Bend Studios gave gathered press about 45 minutes to play around inside the world of Days Gone, The gameplay opened with St. John inside one of the many wilderness encampments of survivors that dot the game’s massive map

Players could decide to choose between two missions:-

1- one asked the biker to fetch something

2- attack an enemy encampment

or to just ride around in the wilderness on the lookout for freakers

the enemies in Days Gone will group together in truly overwhelming numbers. The E3 2016 demo showed hundreds upon hundreds of infected charge towards the player, tumbling over each other in clumsy desperation. The surrounding environment can be used to slow them down or group them together

Days Gone is an open-world, third-person shooter, action-adventure game, Garvin said after the demo. “I think at the highest level, what distinguishes us from other open world games is that this game is so dangerous.

Looting The Corpse

The crafting system reminded us a lot of The Last of Us, as you scavenge randomly across levels for scraps and supplies to craft things like med packs and throwable items. There was a robust skill tree in the menus but we never really got know about it

Open world games like Days Gone pride themselves on letting the player “go anywhere” and “do anything”

Video Game - Days Gone Wallpaper




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