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A new trailer for Escape from Tarkov, the plunder centered shooter at present in shut beta, shows off a new underground laboratory location, a new scav boss and a portion of the 100+ things that will touch base in the amusement’s 0.11 refresh, which is just around the corner.

TerraGroup Labs will be the 6th location to go to the FPS, and it’s a mystery office underneath the center of Tarkov. It’ll be loaded with marauders, very much prepared adversaries that will battle as a component of a gathering and use explosives to flush you out of cover. You’ll additionally battle the Killa, a boss character with a light automatic rifle and substantial protective layer who will toss smoke explosives and crisscross between cover. He’ll be unfriendly to the two players and scavs.

Since the labs are a fixed location, extraction will be more perplexing than expected. In a blog entry, Developer Battlestate Games said you’ll need to “meet certain conditions” previously leaving the guideā€”it didn’t state what those conditions were, however in case you’re subtle you’ll have the capacity to meet them without alarming close-by foes.

The 0.11 refresh, which is “forthcoming” however hasn’t been given a discharge date, will likewise expand the current Customs location and add in excess of 100 things to the amusement, Battlestate stated, including a new kind of thing called a Stimulators. Utilizing one will cost you wellbeing, however, it will briefly support your abilities.

Among the other new things are firearms, for example, the RPK-16 and Remington 700, and scuffle weapons, including ice tomahawks, cleavers, and strategic swords. In conclusion, Battlestate uncovered that it intends to include dress customization, VOIP and a weapon preset framework in the new year.

Battlestate has recently said that 0.11 would touch base before the year’s end, so fingers crossed that is as yet the case.

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