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Far Cry: New Dawn trailer reveals the return of Eden’s Gate

POSTED BY admin January 25, 2019

The arrival of Far Cry 5 jerkface Joseph Seed to Far Cry: New Dawn was uncovered when the diversion was confirmed toward the beginning of December at The Game Awards. I said at the time that it would be quite a twist if we wound up playing as ol’ Joe, emerging from our shelter and restoring request to the new world that he predicted with such unforeseen exactness.

That will not be the situation, yet the story trailer discharged today uncovers that you will, perhaps, be working with him. Furthermore, him as well as the entire Project at Eden’s Gate, the religious clique you buckled down to close down in Far Cry 5. It resembles the Peggies have completed a far better activity surviving and adapting to the end of the world than Team You Guys, and now it’s time to take care of business—and you require their assistance.

This could be cool. Ubisoft’s claim of taking a “light RPG approach” to Far Cry: New Dawn was met with a certain measure of skepticism, yet making the genocidal Peggies a power for “good” in the diversion—and really committing to it, as opposed to whipping out a silly twist where you explode the two sides and live happily ever after as a brahmin farmer in New Fall’s End—would be quite a bob again from the limp story of Far Cry 5: It turned out looking like a striking editorial on the rise of religious extremism and the hard-right in America, at the end of the day sunk into a generic round of shooting individuals since that is your main event in video games.

I’ll be straightforward, I wouldn’t wager the farm on it, yet I dare to dream, and if nothing else I’m looking forward to learning how—or, I assume, if—17 years in the Cursed Earth has changed Joseph’s perspective. Far Cry: New Dawn turns out on February 15, and before that, you can get a more intensive see what it’s about in Wes’ ongoing hands-on preview, which includes a charming story around an entirely unremarkable experience with a totally typical mountain lion that sounds like it went superbly easily.

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