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Gears of War 5 release date

Gears of War 5 is due to launch exclusively for Xbox One and PC in 2019

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Gears of War 5 gameplay

We have only been able to see a snippet of Gears 5 gameplay footage so far, but it looks like we’ll see the return of massive weapons and brutal, blood-soaked finishers. Armored monsters and deadly turrets are among the enemies we’ll be taking them out with massive melee weapons and machine guns.

 in the Gears 5 trailer, we can see what appears to be stealth gameplay as Kait sneaks up on robotic foes


Gears of War 5 story

From what we can tell in the first Gears of War 5 trailer it seems matters aren’t going well for Kait. Haunted by visions and the death of the unseen male character, Diaz refuses to obey orders and heads out back to where it all began in search of answers, it seems that Diaz will command a greater focus in Gears 5 and will be a playable character for at least part of the game.

the setup for Gears 5 was laid clear at the climax of 4 where Kait, heartbroken, clutches her grandmother’s necklace. We now know that the game will indeed follow her as she embarks upon a much more personal mission related to this mysterious keepsake.

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