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Jump Force character list, release date and more

POSTED BY admin November 7, 2018

Jump Force has an enormous character list from crosswise over week by week manga collection Shonen Jump’s history, including symbols from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z and that’s just the beginning. It’s a tag-group battling amusement highlighting 3v3 fights in multi-part, 3D stages. You’ll be battling in scenes dependent on true areas, for example, Himeji Castle, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and New York, and also arrangement particular settings. Your group shares a wellbeing bar. As of October 2018, Namco Bandai has included characters from the Saint Seiya arrangement program to the diversion—you’ll discover a trailer and more data beneath specifying them.

This amusement endeavors to up the anime jabber stake in the festivity of the week after week production’s 50th commemoration this year—not that you’ll be fully informed regarding the most recent issue to recognize what’s happening in this contender. Read on for a Jump Force character list, release date and everything else we know so far about this hybrid brawler.

Jump Force character list: each affirmed warrior

In a word, here is the total Jump Force characters list, with each affirmed warrior. Beneath this, we really expound on how each Jump Force character is depicted in the diversion.

One Piece

– Monkey D. Luffy

– Sanji

– Blackbeard

– Roronoa Zoro

– Sabo


– Naruto Uzumaki

– Sasuke Uchiha

Yu Hakusho

– Yusuke Urameshi

– Younger Toguro

Seeker x Hunter

– Gon Freecss

– Killua Zoldyck

– Kurapika

– Hisoka Morrow


– Ichigo Kurosaki

– Rukia Kuchiki

– Sosuke Aizen

Holy person Seiya

– Pegasus Seiya

– Dragon Shiryu


– Yugi Moto (With the Duel Monsters Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl and Slifer the Sky Dragon)

Mythical beast Ball

– Goku

– Vegeta

– Frieza

Unique characters made by Akira Toriyama only for the diversion:

– Galena

– Glover

– Kane

– Navigator

As of October 2018 with the expansion of two characters from the Saint Seiya arrangement, 22 legends and scalawags from 8 diverse Weekly Shonen Jump arrangement have been declared as a major aspect of the full character list. That is excluding Death Note’s Light Yagami, the megalomaniacal undergrad with a lethal scribbling cushion, or his demise God sidekick Ryuk, both of whom won’t get their hands messy straightforwardly, however, will assume a job in the amusement’s story mode. Here’s a breakdown of the line-up. Be cautioned, it gets to a great degree anime.

Wallpapers ID:927238

Driving the charge are four characters from manga super hit One Piece. Privateer hero and elastic band man Monkey D. Luffy brings his Gum powers into the ring, with stretchy appendages remarkably suiting him to shutting the hole among himself and rivals.

A kindred individual from the Straw Hat Crew is chain-smoking culinary specialist Sanji. While he hasn’t snaffled Devil Fruit like Luffy, he’s as yet equipped for releasing a flood of firey kicks on adversaries. You can see him here raising a leg to enormous terrible Blackbeard. The main privateer having two kinds of forces gave by eating Devil Fruit, this reprobate can make decimating seismic tremors and in addition, take control of haziness itself.

Roronoa Zoro, privateer seeker turned-privateer, hacks and changes between three distinct sharp edges, double using katanas with a third held between his teeth. In conclusion from One Piece, there’s Luffy’s sworn sibling Sabo. Another privateer having Devil Fruit powers, he fans the flares of contention with command over flame yet can likewise player his rivals with a long metal pipe.

The second of the ‘Huge 3’ Shonen arrangement highlighted is Naruto. The main ninja lead shows up in his later Shippuden shell suit with a considerable lot of his Jinchuriki powers opened, enabling the blonde fellow to incidentally transform into a goliath nine-followed fox notwithstanding his ninjutsu moves and making clones of himself.

Going along with him is saint turned-lowlife Sasuke Uchiha. Helpful with a cutting edge, he can then again ensure himself or clobber foes utilizing dull vitality and, similar to his opponent Naruto, additionally has a reasonable couple of transformative traps up his sleeve.

From one of two included arrangement made by Yoshihiro Togashi, Yu Hakusho’s reprobate hero Yusuke Urameshi jumps into the shred. Focussing soul vitality into his hands, he can send adversaries flying with an impact from his fingertips in his awesome unique move called ‘Rei Gun’.

The muscular kid going head to head against Yusuke is reprobate Younger Toguro. When human, this evil spirit packs in excess of a clobber and can change into a significantly all the more frightening wreckage of muscle and bone.

From Togashi’s as yet running Hunter x Hunter, is smallish hero Gon Freecss. Close by his triple pronged Ja Jan Ken assault, he can likewise change into a substantially more ground-breaking, more seasoned adaptation of himself.

Wallpapers ID:937916

Gon’s wildly steadfast closest companion Killua Zoldyck conveys his stunning handle to procedures. A youthful individual from the first class professional killer Zoldyck family, he’s a destructive force to be figured with even before you consider the reality he can cover himself in power.

The combine is joined by their antagonized companion Kurapika, an adolescent determined to retaliate for his crushed family, utilizing enchanted chains against his foes. Executioner jokester Hisoka Morrow is somebody Kurapika has a grievance with. A substantial hitting swindler, he can handle and swing foes around utilizing enchantment before heaving them off into the separation.

As of late completed, ‘Huge 3’ arrangement Bleach shimmies in with more Shinigami in the state of Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki. The Soul Society swordsman and swordswoman are savagely faithful to each other, sharing controls over life and passing. While both are quick with a cutting-edge, Rukia has a further trap up her sleeve, being capable in the utilization of ice enchantment.

These spirit harvesters are up against opponent Sosuke Aizen, one of not many that could best either with a sharp edge. When thought about a partner before deserting and double-crossing the Soul Society, he’s a dubious individual.

Duel Monster ace Yugi Moto shows up with a stacked deck from Yu-Gi-Oh. Quick to determine most clashes through a kids’ card diversion, he carries with him various animals, contributing a couple of Dark Magicians to the program, and also Slifer the Sky Dragon. Look at another trailer flaunting his moves underneath.

Next, that conveys us to Dragon Ball. Nearby Goku’s all around recorded, airborne hand to hand fighting capacity and his to a great degree intense Super Saiyan shape, his Kamehameha wave can tear through foes and conditions alike with an impact of vitality from his palms. Wannabe Vegeta is correspondingly gifted with his Galick Gun showing up as an uncommon move. Once determined to obliterate the Earth, Goku’s unadulterated heart in the long run transformed this other Saiyan into a grumpy partner. We cautioned you: this is to a great degree anime.

Wallpapers ID:937913

You’ll need them two on a similar side to go up against the intergalactic despot and last contender on this rundown, Frieza. This interesting white and purple outsider packs a punch with the two clench hands, feet, and his tail. Stand well clear of his Death Ball, a concentrated circle of vitality that’ll make a hole out of anything it contacts.

At last, the latest increments are from the Saint Seiya arrangement: Pegasus Seiya and Dragon Shiryu. One of Seiya’s capacities is gathering the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius, while Shiryu can utilize the libra fabric, which brings all the greater weapons into play.

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