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Valve hides message inside CS:GO’s new battle royale mode

POSTED BY admin December 10, 2018

Valve has shrouded an enigmatic Portal message inside CS: GO’s new battle royale mode, Danger Zone—and some fans trust it might be the start of a new Alternate Reality Game, similar to the one that prompted the declaration of Portal 2.

At the eastern edge of the Danger Zone delineate, Site, you’ll discover four numbered rooms. Room number three is barricaded—wink, wink, prod, poke—however you can get into it by going through room two. Inside, there’s a bank of computers and a strange broadcast message containing a string of words and numbers. Those that first thought that it was suspected it was a code purposely put there by Valve and, sufficiently sure, it hasn’t taken ache for players to break it.

Reddit user GetSomeGyros has figured out how to decode the broadcast (you can peruse their technique here), and the words they turned out with are: “This was a triumph. I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.” As you may know, that is the opening line to Portal’s famous end credit song, Still Alive.

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What does it mean? Until further notice, no one knows, yet fans are trusting it’s the start of a new Portal-related ARG. The declaration of Portal 2 was gone before by an ARG in which Valve concealed clues inside radios in the first Portal diversion—to reveal the clues, players needed to convey the radios to a specific point in the guide. We’ll need to sit back and watch whether this is something similar or just an Easter egg.

In this string, Reddit user birkie has sketched out other possible oddities in Danger Zone’s guide, including strange logos, signs, and security cameras. Almost certainly players will keep diving into what everything means—Valve News Network (an informal channel) transferred this video summing up what we know so far.

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