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Metro Exodus release date

 the Metro Exodus release date is February 22, 2019.

you are going to be able to play this game on PS4, Xbox One, and PC 

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What is Metro Exodus?

Metro Exodus is intended as the third installment in a series that started back in 2010 with Metro 2033. Instead of being restricted to dank subway tunnels and brief pockets of Moscow Ruins, players will now have a much larger range of environments to explore.


 Metro Exodus weapons system

Exodus will feature more weapon customization than previous entries. We saw a glimpse of this in the gameplay trailer when Artyom modified his shotgun with a revolver chamber. In terms of confirmed weapons, we’ve seen a shotgun, revolver, crossbow, and Artyom’s knife.


 You can Use Vehicles

4A Games told us there would be vehicles for the player to commandeer during their journey, through the studio was tight-lipped when it came to saying what kind of vehicles. Outside of The Aurora, we saw Artyom row a boat across a lake, but that was the only player-controlled vehicle we witnessed during the gameplay demonstration.

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The Factions Are Self-Contained

Exodus has factions that live in isolation from one another that you encounter. During our gameplay demo, we ran into a group of religious fanatics that worshiped a massive fish living in a nearby lake. Artyom’s actions toward each faction, namely whether he responds with violence or peace in their initial meeting, will define his relationship to each faction

Video Game - Metro Exodus  Wallpaper

Weapon Upgrades

If you come across a weapon that has a scope you want but you don’t want the weapon it’s attached to, now, you can remove it and use it with a compatible gun in your inventory. A lot of attachments are available for your guns: scopes, barrels, stocks, magazines, and attachments.

and weapon upkeep is now something to be concerned about. If you don’t visit your workstation enough to perform maintenance on your gun, it can become unclean. They never stop working completely, but when guns get dirty, they eject literal dirt from the barrel and suffer a stats hit to damage and accuracy.

Both Metro 2033 and Last Light took place in and under the Moscow metro,

this is no longer the case. After an introductory sequence in Metro, Exodus finds Artyom, his wife Anna, and the rest of the crew cutting through the Russian wilderness in search of hope. This means bigger spaces, dangerous new factions

Video Game - Metro Exodus  Wallpaper


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