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Mortal Kombat 11 new character can add or remove time from the round clock

POSTED BY admin January 21, 2019

Geras, who’s a servant of new evil boss Kronika, has the ability to manipulate time. Part Sandman, part Prince of Persia, Geras creates devastating objects out of the sand and uses them to smash up his opponents. His gameplay reveals, underneath, reminds me of Tremor from previous Mortal Kombat games.

In any case, what makes Geras potentially remarkable is a raft of abilities that let him mess with time amid a match. Boss among them is his Lost Time and Spare Time ability, which lets him add or expel time from the round clock. The Twitter video beneath, from @ultradavid, shows Geras expel 30 seconds from the clock.

It’s easy to imagine situations where this may be useful. Say you get off to a flyer and trim down a lot of your adversary’s health. They have time for a comeback, isn’t that so? Expel time from the round clock and all of a sudden you can turtle up and watch them bite the dust to the clock. It sounds annoying to be forced to bear such a troll move, yet hello ho! Conversely, in the event that you require more opportunity for a comeback, Geras can give it.

Elsewhere, Geras has an ability called Reawakened that lets him rewind time to resurrect himself on the off chance that he dies in a round. Again, a frustrating thing to have to face, however super useful to have at your disposal. And he can also cancel out of attacks and rewind time for himself, which is useful when you have to break out of a juggle.

At first glance, Geras looks like minimal in excess of an amazing, high-damage grappler, however, I think his time manipulation gives him profundity. The video underneath shows the pre-release play from Mortal Kombat experts, and it provides a decent take a gander at Geras’ turn set. Watch out for the minute he freezes time for his adversary, which lets him land numerous hits previously time snaps back without hesitation.

In case you’re not into the low down battling game stuff, there’s another reason to pick Geras: he can literally punch your brain out your head.

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