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Overwatch’s new hero Ashe has an issue with her aim, a fix is headed

POSTED BY admin November 21, 2018

The Wild West-style gunslinger Ashe fell off the Overwatch PTR seven days prior, and her presentation hasn’t gone superbly smoothly. Aiming is the issue: As Blizzard forumite, OnlyReaper described it daily after Ashe went life, aiming down sights “feels so inconvenient and the hit-scan feels like a shot… I fundamental McCree and Soldier, I have great precision with both, however, it seems like I can’t hit anything consistently like with my McCree.”

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A lot of respondents said they felt the same way, and yesterday Overwatch executive Jeff Kaplan affirmed on Reddit that they aren’t envisioning things. Responding to a protracted, point by point post separating “why it feels harder to aim with Ashe” (and what players can do to help compensate), Kaplan affirmed that there’s an issue with the character and said that a legitimate fix is en route—yet not immediately.

“As of now, on the off chance that you play Ashe on PC and have higher than 60 fps, the aim down site (ADS) animation can look rough or ‘stepped.’ There is no slack going on. The ADS still happens at the right speed. In any case, the animation looks can feel somewhat off,” he composed. “In an upcoming patch, the ADS is smoothed out regardless of how high your fps is and should feel vastly improved.”

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“Sadly, at this moment, the fix that it is settled in is 1.32 (1.31 is on the PTR at this moment). We’re investigating pulling the fix forward yet it’s far-fetched. It’s a great deal of code and needs a decent lot of testing so we would prefer not to rush it and risk breaking something else.”

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