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how Red Dead Redemption 2 lets you grow a magnificent mustache or beard

POSTED BY admin November 9, 2018

You’ve most likely seen at this point Red Dead Redemption 2 gives you a chance to get a really pleasant wipe of hair going. So, regardless it can set aside a shockingly long opportunity to get Arthur’s hair to achieve its most extraordinary length – also alternate ways your specific criminal way of life can shape Arthur’s physical appearance. You could sink hours (and huge amounts of hair tonic) into molding Arthur’s locks, however, why not take a voyage through your alternatives first?

Maximum mustache length

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This heavenly example of facial follicles was put together by Reddit client craigthelesser. This is the sort of mustache that would make even Sam Elliott green with jealousy.

Maximum beard length

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Reddit client ChieftaiNZ shares Arthur Morgan at his beardiest, appearing as though he may have gone before Tim Allen in succumbing to the Santa Clause. Arthur ought to have the capacity to utilize his beard for additional bag space when it gets this enormous.

Max slashes length

YouTuber MELO caught this most subtle of sights, an Arthur Morgan with full slashes and a short button beard (so you can really tell where the beard closes and the hacks start). I’m almost certain they’d give you order of an armed force brigade on the spot in the event that you had facial hair like this once upon a time.

Maximum hair length

Reddit client TheTinyPlunger imparts this Arthur Morgan to a protracted wipe of hair (and a good, however not remarkable, beard). Morgan can develop his hair down to his shoulders, however, anything past that just wouldn’t be functional for his rancher way of life. Simply envision the growls…

Maximum weight

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Above is a nearby perspective of Arthur Morgan at the normal weight on the left and greatest weight on the right, from Reddit client ThomahockN. He looks more joyful in the overwhelming pick, wouldn’t you say? You go on and carry on with your best life, Arthur.

Also, this is a full-body front/side shot of thick Arthur from Reddit client FatChocobro (no, fat computer game characters aren’t the main thing they post about). Arthur’s unquestionably conveying some additional pounds, however not at all like what CJ from GTA: San Andreas would look like after a Cluckin’ Bell drinking spree.

Least weight

Furthermore, we finish up with Reddit client dovelol’s base weight Arthur, looking both emaciated and wan. Pour some stew down that poor kid’s throat before he overwhelms!


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