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Destiny 2 : Where is Xur and what is he selling for Jan 25 – 29

POSTED BY admin January 27, 2019

Destiny 2 players can visit Xur the Exotic trader on Titan this weekend. He’ll be around until 9am PST/12pm EST/5pm BST on Tuesday, January 29. To reach Xur, set down at the Rig arrival zone and head left, as in the event that you were setting off to the renowned Ogre Lost Sector. Head past the Fallen and drop down to one side. Look or a platform extending out from the divider; you’ll discover Xur inside the small dull room it connects to.

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Here’s everything Xur is selling this weekend:

Xur Exotic inventory for Jan 25 – 29:

Weapon: Crimson

Hunter Exotic: Fr0st-EE5

Titan Exotic: Ashen Wake

Warlock Exotic: Transverse Steps

We should not be bashful: Ashen Wake is just plain dreadful, so separated from gathering spot-cleaning, we can cross it off the shopping list at the present time. Solar Titans shouldn’t use Fusion grenades in the first place, so it’s unquestionably not worth sacrificing an Exotic slot to make them slightly less terrible. The Fr0st-EE5 boots are slightly less terrible in that they provide food Hunter’s regular avoid and development based play style, however their effect is really negligible regardless of whether you are moving consistently. The cooldown decrease they offer just isn’t that discernible.

Honestly, Xur doesn’t have any must-have Exotics this weekend, yet Crimson and Transverse Steps merit another look. Numerous Warlock mains swear by Transverse Steps in PvP – myself included – because they compensate for the class’ similarly sluggish development. The reload impact is pleasant on slower weapons like shotguns and projectile launchers as well, however in the event that you ask me, the best liven on this Exotic is the concealed one: it makes you slide so freakin’ far. Forget the sprint buff, the slide buff is where it’s at. Transverse Steps won’t hold up to Phoenix Protocol or Geomag Stabilizers in a min-max situation, yet they’re extremely amusing to use.

At last, we have Crimson, an odd duck of a hand gun and Destiny 2’s answer to the Red Death pulse rifle from the first game. Crimson feels great in your grasp – especially with its Exotic Catalyst – and can dependably put down targets in PvP, however it’s most generally used as an easy wellbeing regen. Its Exotic liven grants wellbeing on kills, which makes it significant in specific activities like the Thrallway in the Shattered Throne and, previously, the regen-stopping Faction Rallies. It’s one of those guns where you don’t require until the point when you truly require it, so it merits grabbing.

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